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That morning, he barked a few seconds at the door, then coughed a small drop of blood. I grabbed him to head toward the vet and within minutes he began to bleed from his nose and mouth. He died in my arms on the way. He seemed fine and 30 minutes later he was gone. I don’t know if it was his illness cancer?that caused this or if the steroids could have done something. I’ve heard of stomach ulcers and blood clots being side effects.

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No pooch is too old for puppy love and puppies are only puppies for a few months after all, right?Oh, you have your heart set on a cute little Goldendoodle puppy?Have you been looking at Goldendoodle puppies for sale, checking out Goldendoodle puppy breeders?OK, here's some food for thought if you have your heart set on a puppy, and a few reasons why adopting an adult might be your better option:What It Takes to Housebreak a PuppyBefore you adopt a Goldendoodle, consider how much time your new family member will spend alone.

Standard Poodles have a trim, athletic build with a somewhat square frame and long legs.

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Well bred Goldendoodles have the perfect temperament for therapy and service dogs.

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