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These dogs would range in size from a smaller scale of their smaller parent to upwards of a Golden Retriever size. Females are typically smaller than males in any size Goldendoodle. Although not a recognized breed, Goldendoodles are a prized family pet due to their low shed coat and their demonstrated "hybrid vigor". Hybrid vigor is defined as the "increased vigor or general health, and disease resistance" as compared the inbreeding typical of more traditional dog breed. The Golden Retriever, Poodle cross is a mixed breed of dog with no set standards. Which means that by any definition, there is no way of telling what temperament, size, coat your dog will have.

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An F1 goldendoodle is the offspring of a poodle mated with a golden retriever.

If the new price is higher, the purchaser shall pay the difference; or b SELLER will reimburse the purchaser for his/her veterinarian expenses incurred in connection with the treatment of the defect up to the price of the puppy, not including shipping costs.

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In addition to his specialized training in pet therapy, Scooter loves human contact and lots of petting.

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